Letters to the Editor

Letters to the editor, January 22, 2016

Work for justice, peace

We desperately need to recover our civility and concern to share the common good; to respect one another even when we disagree. At our best we have found ways to come together and make our world a place of liberty, justice and compassion for all. We can do it again if we respectfully discuss and decide important matters with all the wisdom and creativity we can muster.

Following World War II, in order to preserve the peace so many suffered and died for, we created the Marshall Plan to help our former enemies and friends recover. We helped found the United Nations as a venue to resolve common concerns justly and peacefully.

We are not here to demean one another, belittle one another or make every effort to demand our own agenda. We need the wisest, most caring, and best prepared men and women not only in government but in all areas of our common life to find what is best for us all.

It is critically important that we participate together for such peace, justice and the future of our world. For all of you already trying, thanks for your service.

Howard Reynolds


What about middle class?

I thought that you people told us that President Barack Obama was the patron saint of hope and change. Hope and change that the middle class would have good American jobs and that transparent government would cause expenses to decrease.

Then along comes the Keystone pipeline that was guaranteed to supply thousands of jobs — not just in construction, but steel pipe manufacturing, backhoe and sideboom manufacturing, right-of-way maintenance, etc. Millions in investment. Now Trans Canada is going to take U.S. taxpayers to court to recover $15 billion because Obama did not abide by the North American Free Trade Agreement.

But wait — there is more. Now the same administration is planning to front Kenya $18 billion for the Power Africa pipeline. Ambassador Robert Godec seems to think it is a good idea. That’s over $30 billion that you and I will have to cough up.

Stephen Stinson


Kim Davis’ hubris

I was amused by Kim Davis’ delusional ego and hubris as she asserted God had chosen her to defend traditional marriage. God chose her for nothing and she defended nothing.

Her brief spark of dubious notoriety has flamed out. Even if Gov. Matt Bevin’s executive order to take county clerks’ names off marriage licenses proves legal, Davis will still have to issue marriage licenses to all.

The Republican Party may still deliver dog-whistle rants about it to rile their evangelical and bigoted base, but they don’t really care about it, won’t really do anything about it, and know the issue is dead. Marriage equality is here to stay and the world has moved on, passing Davis and her ignorant ilk by, as she will soon discover in the New Year, as she continues to drift back into the nonentity obscurity she so richly deserves.

Charles Edward Pogue


Why, why, why?

People are scratching their heads trying to understand President Barack Obama’s foreign policy decisions.

Why release known enemies of this country from Gitmo? Why make a treaty with Iran that guarantees later development of nuclear weapons? Why return billions of dollars of sequestered Iranian funds to a sworn enemy? Why normalize relations with Cuba, another enemy?

Why castigate Israel for its actions to protect its citizens and then side with Palestinian terrorists? Why finance an oil pipeline in Kenya and kill the Keystone here? Why lend billions of dollars to Brazil to finance their oil industry when he steadfastly opposes oil development here? Why does he refuse adequate funding of the military? Why does he downplay the threat of ISIS?

The only plausible explanation is that he views this nation as a bully imposing its will on lesser developed nations. Why is he unwilling to call terrorists, radical Islamic terrorists? The only logical explanation is that he considers them freedom fighters, fighting to throw off the yoke of Yankee imperialism. Likewise, he seems to believe Iran has a right to nuclear weapons, regardless of its stated intentions.

George Tomaich


Cool those hotheads

“The country’s on the wrong track...Yes, I’m angry... it’s horrible, horrible.” But, don’t we know that when we get really angry we tend to do stupid things that only make matters worse? The farmer, in a rage, kicks his balky thresher and more likely breaks his foot than fixes the d.....ed machine.

Germany, an advanced nation suffering the aftermath of WWI, discarded a moderate government and fell under the spell of a psychopath. A dozen years later its cities were in ruins.

Earlier, Russians revolted against the czar, then threw out a short-lived moderate regime in favor of the dreams of a new “workers’ paradise,” the leaders of which went on to massacre millions. Much more recently, angry populations generated an Arab Spring heralding liberty and prosperity, and now lands from Libya and far eastward are suffering their folly.

This history, reaching back centuries, does not call for abject acceptance of totalitarian evil or even less egregious but ineffective governance. But it does call for cooler heads, for reasoned debate, for open questioning, for prudent action.

Please, all ye who now rant and rave, back off of the hotheads. Think of your children and the generations beyond.

Ernest Henninger