Letters to the Editor

Letters to editor: Jan. 29

Abortion: wrong choice

Although I still do not support forced ultrasounds for women getting abortions, I do apologize to those who consider themselves as pro-life supporters for foolishly believing the mainstream media and chiming in on their hateful and ignorant rhetoric.

Our society has tragically adopted the false belief that abortion is “just a choice” because of Roe v. Wade. I encourage pro-life supporters to not give up on their fight for states’ rights regarding this issue.

I’ve also come to realize that the Supreme Court does not make law, yet supporters of abortion and same-sex marriage vehemently claim that it is OK. Our government was set up to put the brakes on power, whether at the executive level, the congressional level, the judicial level or at the entire federal level.

Instead, we see many people demand that we have a central government work much like the olden days of kings and queens.

Stop funding Planned Parenthood with tax dollars? Absolutely. I would much rather see tax dollars spent on living children in abusive situations, even by the people supposedly helping them. I’d much rather see tax dollars spent on training caregivers in discipline techniques rather than over-medicating children.

All children matter.

Sue Davis


Choose the smart one

I am going to vote for Lexington Mayor Jim Gray for the Senate because it is my understanding that he has taken a vow not to run also for president given the very slim possibility that he might win both races; and that the other guy does not seem to understand this or much else.

John C. Wolff Jr.


Pro-birth, not pro-life

The GOP in Frankfort and D.C. have again jumped on their moral high horse to claim they are pro-life as they attack Planned Parenthood and women’s choice. But is the GOP really moral?

The GOP is against things to prevent unwanted births such as family planning and birth control (think Hobby Lobby). Some want to force childbirth but are against health care (think Obamacare and prenatal care) which is necessary for a healthy mother and baby.

Once the child is born, the GOP looks down its righteous nose at the mother who needs food stamps because of lost work time and the expense of child care. Many are against family leave necessary to take care of a sick baby.

The GOP may be pro-birth, but the quality of the birth and the care of the child is not relevant to it. The GOP certainly isn’t pro-life.

Ralph Blumer


Trump missing backbone

Donald Trump wants to be president of the United States. It would be amazing to see him confronted by the leaders of Iran, Syria or even Russia who don’t care if they ruffle his feathers. If he cannot deal with a woman news reporter who he says “doesn’t like me” and refuses to do a debate because she is a questioner, what does that say about his ability to handle future national and international affairs?

Trump needs to go back to New York, taking his enormous ego with him.

Leslie Berger


Preserve arts funding

It’s noble to try to get jobs to Kentucky, but once people start flooding in, what are they going to do in their spare time?

If the Bevin administration decides to cut funding for the arts, then he doesn’t really care about Kentuckians, just corporate interests. Public support for the arts gives families opportunities to engage with their children outside of the homes, it draws people to cultural centers such as Danville and Berea and gives Kentuckians more opportunities to be proud of their state.

While there are plenty of arts organizations that don’t depend on state funds, there are plenty that do. And even though economic worth is easy to see on paper, a state’s cultural worth is invaluable. Take a look at how the United States, despite a huge debt, influences the world through music, film, literature, TV, theater, etc. If people come to Kentucky and only have jobs, then they aren’t very likely to keep spending that money inside Kentucky.

And even more than that, the arts help people be empathetic, which teaches them to help the world around them. Do not trade a fat wallet for an empty soul.

Bronson O’Quinn