Letters to the Editor

Gray can help tell truth about coal

Now that Mayor Jim Gray has announced his run against Sen. Rand Paul, it is important to address in this campaign the reality of the situation of coal.

That means no blaming the Environmental Protection Agency or President Barack Obama.

The people being hurt have seen what’s happening for years, including my family who has been in coal since the 1970s. We do not buy into the Sen. Mitch McConnell, Paul and Gov. Matt Bevin scapegoating.

Coal is competing with alternatives such as cheaper natural gas. Mining coal, especially in Eastern Kentucky, has become more expensive than in other areas of the country.

It’s time to look for different and new economic opportunities. And it’s time for candidates to be honest with voters and propose a plan to transition Kentucky to a future less reliant on coal. This can start with Gray.

Kentuckians wants solutions, not more lies about coal being the victim of false theories.

Coal in Kentucky is hurting the future and hurting opportunities for our young people to start careers and families.

If Gray told the truth to Kentucky about coal and how he would fix the situation, he could win.

Walter Frazier