Letters to the Editor

Good steps to fight animal cruelty

With a new year bringing aspirations of personal and positive change, sadly, once again, Kentucky remains the No. 1 state in animal cruelty cases and lackluster laws for penalizing the abusers. However, there are two shining rays of hope to celebrate.

With his love and loyalty, Blue Montana, a four-year-old pit bull, received horrendous stab wounds to his head while trying to protect his owner from a knife-wielding husband.

Massive blood loss would have undoubtedly caused the death of this canine hero had it not been for the devoted staff of Lexington-based Bluegrass Veterinary Specialists.

Not only did their expertise and skill save this valiant dog, but also their compassionate hearts allowed his survival at no financial cost.

Family Court Judge Traci Brislin morally and judicially continued the cause to protect this four-legged savior by issuing, for the first time in Lexington, an emergency protective order not only for the abused wife but also for Blue Montana.

I give my utmost gratitude and respect for her starting the long overdue and desperately needed change.

Although our sitting governor campaigned at a cockfighting venue, here, thankfully, some do believe all lives matter.

Cindy Sutton-Hargett