Letters to the Editor

Crack down on Lexington crime

Ask the Lexington Police Department for the statistics about what area shootings and killings that are not just more numerous but staggering during the past 10 years.

The police chief says the situation in north Lexington is on par with cities all over the country and is due to poor racial conditions, lack of education, etc.

In the 1980s, a gang from Chicago took over the projects, recruited young teens, gave them guns and told them they could shoot, rob, steal and sell drugs because if caught they would be dealt with as juveniles and would not be punished. Sadly, this was true.

The response was a cop on every street corner 24/7 and the juvenile courts cracked down.

It took several months, but the gang gave up and went back to Chicago.

If Lexington’s elected leaders do not face up to the facts now and respond, this malignancy will spread across town.

There is an old police saying that every community gets the police service it deserves.

It is your town – at least for now. If you neglect it, you will get what you deserve

Ted Woodley