Letters to the Editor

A symbol for the mega-rich

The wealthy and powerful have long endorsed the public display of the cross as a symbol to the commoners of the cruel end that comes to those who buck the system. Not even Jesus could do that without paying the ultimate price.

The stench of arrogance from some of the mega-wealthy indicates the need for a corrective. Eliminate all foreign tax havens. Convicted tax cheats thieving between $100,000 and $12 million should receive mandatory prison with hard labor and over $1 million should be death-penalty eligible.

I believe that the mega-wealthy want to do right but that overwhelming temptations and unchecked arrogance have weakened their resolve. The scandalous $18 trillion national debt with its ruinous annual interest payment is a symptom of the degradation caused by their greedy sins. Lethal injection for a few of the most craven nation-bangers will inform the many.

Perhaps cartoonist Joel Pett could start an art society to raise private funds to display a guillotine on the lawn of the old courthouse in honor of General Lafayette. Proper symbols are essential for moral improvement.

Allen T. Kelley