Letters to the Editor

Explain Trumpisms

Someone explain these illogical statements by Donald Trump:

1. Women who have red eyes and who knows where that is coming from. (I don’t think it has to do with bloodshot eyes.)

2. Trump prefers soldiers who were not captured. (I thought all soldiers gave him the right to make whatever statements he wants, even stupid ones.)

3. Make Mexico pay for its part of Trump’s proposed wall. (I have been notified by bankers in Nigeria that I won a contest and, for a small fee, can have a BMW in my driveway next week.)

4. When a disabled reporter asked a question, Trump made some involuntary movements. (Is it possible the room was cold and the movements were due to the cold and not a mocking of the reporter’s condition?)

5. Trump says he is right with God and has no sin. At Liberty University, he quoted from the Bible, 2 Corinthians, or was it 2nd Corinthians. (Ask an atheist, and he might give the correct answer.)

Is it also possible that a new Bible chapter has been added, such as 1 Genius or 1st Genius, in which words were uncovered like “I,” “only me,” “great.”

Ira Fink