Letters to the Editor

Make all lives matter

We see demonstrations almost daily by groups claiming that black lives really matter, and they do. But the lives of whites, Muslims, Jews, Mexicans, refugees, rich people and poor people also matter. All lives matter whether you are from the Far East, the Middle East or any other place on the globe.

We have to return to the point where we believe every person’s life has value, regardless of background or ethnicity.

I just saw alarming statistics about shootings in Chicago in 2015: 2,535 people and 441 of them died. This is just one city in our country. Shouldn’t we be outraged and march in every city, demanding that guns have to go and killings have to stop?

I realize that a lot of the marching is because of police shootings, and it is time that they also stop. Maybe some officers need to take a course in communication and spend less time on the pistol range.

There were too many empty plates at the table this Christmas because someone thought that a life didn’t matter. Let’s rise up as a nation this year and take our cities and towns back from those who say it is OK to kill people.

Joe Richey