Letters to the Editor

Conservatives are savers

I’m a conservative, not necessarily a Republican, but a conservative and proud of it. Conservatives conserve things, save things. They hate waste of food, clothing, money, electricity, water, everything. Our current tide of conservatives doesn't seem interested in some of that, but at least they want smaller government, which will rid us of our horrendous debt. Every plan that government comes up with costs oodles of money.

My parents were Blue Dog Democrats, but they were conservative because they had to be. They had very little money. They were blue-collar workers with eighth-grade educations. They would not have dreamed of spending more money than they brought home in their paychecks. That's common sense, and governments should do it, too. When we run out of tax money to spend we start to borrow.

Liberals think more spending will fix anything and everything. It won't. Hillary Clinton wants free college for everyone. She thinks she can pay for it by raising taxes on the top 1 percent. That wouldn't begin to raise enough for all young folks in America to go to college. And guess what? She is in the top 1 percent. However, I bet she would find a way to exempt the Clinton millions.

Helen Martin