Letters to the Editor

City’s snow job

Lexington’s government is forcing businesses and residents to remove snow from their sidewalks because the administration did not remove snow from most of the government’s own sidewalks in 2015.

I did remove snow after last month’s snowfall, but none after that. I had to keep shoveling the snow, slush and ice off of my snow-free driveway. The snow, slush and ice was put there by the city’s snow plows. Snow was piled up 3 feet high and 3 feet wide three times. People in this house could not get out without cleaning away what the Lexington government put in the driveway.

On Jan. 26, a council member said there will have to be an awareness campaign next year about clearing sidewalks. The awareness campaign should be for the government about piling up snow in private driveways and keeping people from going to work. No work, no city fee.

Remember what your government did to you next Election Day. You can send one of them to Washington, D.C.

Stan Houston