Letters to the Editor

No to charter schools

One of the most disturbing proposals in Frankfort is the push for charter schools. All of us who have benefitted from public schools know we never would have succeeded in life without free public education, qualified and dedicated teachers, and the opportunity to mix with students from different religious, racial, ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds.

Charter schools are for profit. They are pushed by corporations and right-wing foundations. Schools should not be business opportunities.

Louisiana and Ohio have led the charter movement for business, religious and racial reasons. They have taken public funds and promoted their political and social agendas. They even use public bus money to transport their selected students to schools that offer no science, lack labs, often lack libraries.

Students at public schools, which are constantly bashed by the charter supporters over testing, core curricula, progress and other issues, often prove superior to charter students in evaluations. Also, Ohio charter schools have lost $30 million in fraud, waste and poor management.

Only public schools end discrimination and provide the weakest and most vulnerable children a true education. Why do politicos want to regress to 19th-century practices? Polls show 75 percent of Kentuckians favor public education for all students. It is time for citizens to act.

Henry Everman