Letters to the Editor

Kentucky American rate hikes hurt

Here we go again with rate hikes. This time it’s Kentucky American Water. It has put in for a 17 percent rate increase. I am retired from state government due to health reasons. When I was working, the largest pay increase was 1 percent. Most of the time there was no increase.

This rate hike affects everyone who works and has not seen a pay increase in years. Most people are thankful to have a job. This rate increase puts workers behind by another 17 percent.

Workers are bringing home the same income, but all the utilities have asked for rate increases almost every year. These companies are making more money, and every year they want more.

Employees can’t ask our employers to give us a 17 percent increase in our wages. We would be laughed out of the building. It’s time for these companies to play by the same rules as the rest of us.

Pat Doyle