Letters to the Editor

Eblen’s journalistic hissy

Tom Eblen’s Jan. 31 column, “Devaluing higher education a troubling step back,” is a rambling misrepresentation of Gov. Matt Bevin’s higher education budget proposal. He accused the governor of being ignorant, anti-intellectual and shortsighted.

Wow, what did Bevin do to cause this journalistic hissy?

He simply said that limited higher education dollars should concentrate on those areas that will yield the most economic benefits, say engineers, chemists, physicists, accountants, economists, etc. Eblen allows that these professions are “just the technicians who implement other peoples’ ideas.”

That is as silly as saying that a journalist is just a stenographer who types up other peoples’ ideas.

Well, perhaps Eblen is right. Perhaps we do need meatier curriculum offerings like the new University of Kentucky course “Taco Literacy: Public Advocacy and Mexican Food in the U.S. South.”

There is, of course, a ready alternative. Bevin could propose significant tax increases with the revenue directed toward higher education.

I don’t, however, recall that raising taxes was a central plank of the platform on which he was elected.

Dave Rosenbaum