Letters to the Editor

Real reasons for sorrow

When the Lord watches us of little faith live with hearts filled with hate, fear and greed, I wonder what he thinks? While we claim to worship God, many among us idolize guns, gold and power and are obsessed with hatred for those God made different than us.

We hear sermons of condemnation with judgment about the fragile mistakes of imperfect human beings and are blind to the egregious transgressions by those steeped in power, wealth and control who daily rob, cheat and swindle so many of God’s ordinary people.

We bow in adoration to those whose gifts from huge fortunes get their names on buildings while feeling no inspiration from the widow's gift to God of her last mite.

We who should be stewards of God's beautiful world trash and pollute it with poison air and water in the name of big money and wealth while many die in anguish from its disease, hunger and poverty.

I wondered why Jesus wept, but now I understand.

Bob Terrell