Letters to the Editor

Learning from political past

It would seem natural that many people would be impressed with Donald Trump and Sen. Bernie Sanders because they are looking for a hero or a better path.

In 1964, Sen. Barry Goldwater defeated Gov. Nelson Rockefeller in the California GOP primary. Republican Trump might lose in California. Sanders, running as a Democrat, is able to attract more enthusiasm than Sen. George McGovern did in 1972 because the Republicans are more conservative than then-President Richard Nixon.

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg wants to run as an independent. His run would be similar politically to Ross Perot’s as the Reform Party candidate in 1992. Bloomberg would take moderate votes from the Republican Party and split the Jewish vote in New York City, so the Democrats might lose New York state. The odds favor Hillary Clinton. If foreign affairs becomes the major issue, we may learn that the past does not always predict the future.

Laurence D. Murdoch