Letters to the Editor

Bevin right to fund the arts

Thanks for publishing guest columns by professors Maurice Manning and Jeffrey Peters, which bookended Gov. Matt Bevin’s unveiling of his budget proposal. Both educators presented compelling arguments for ongoing retention of state financial support of the arts and humanities in education and public life.

Bevin made the right choice to continue funding for the Kentucky Arts Council, which supports the arts through grants that keep many arts organizations alive and functioning.

However, the governor’s remarks, pointedly devaluing the study of French literature, seems to relegate the arts and humanities to last place in the educational hierarchy — despite his own higher education, which featured study in Japan, during which time he must have been immersed in Japanese language.

His successful career itself surely demonstrates a relationship between his business acumen and his knowledge of another language and culture. The popular STEM model for excellence in education has become the STEAM model. Education at all levels must include robust programs in the arts, including the study of all languages.

Karen J. Miller