Letters to the Editor

Kim Davis’ rights ignored

Much has been spoken and written recently about Kim Davis, the county clerk in Morehead, most of it vilifying her for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples for religious reasons.

Not surprisingly, no one has mentioned the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This law addresses religious rights and requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for their employees’ religious beliefs.

The federal government has been suing companies for decades on behalf of workers who were fired because they exercised their religious beliefs at work. Recent cases include two Muslim truck drivers who refused to deliver alcoholic beverages and a Christian woman who refused to cut hair on Sunday.

The court found in favor of the employees and awarded back pay and damages. The companies had not made reasonable accommodations for their religious beliefs.

A reasonable accommodation for Davis’ religious beliefs would have been to allow the assistant county clerks to issue the marriage licenses in question without her name appearing on the license. Since that’s exactly what they are doing now, couldn’t they have done that the second day of the controversy and avoided all the hateful invective and drama?

Terry Burlew