Letters to the Editor

Don’t fall for the rhetoric

Here is what millionaire politicians and CEOs want you to believe:

▪ They really do have the best interests of their employees or constituents at heart.

▪ The Chamber of Commerce is apolitical and is looking out for the good of the community.

▪ Anyone poor, unemployed, sick, living in poverty or receiving social assistance is lazy, likes living that way or just isn’t trying very hard.

▪ They really do care about the life of the child after they require you to give birth.

▪ They have true insight into what the Bible means and what God wants.

▪ They have a copy of the Constitution and have actually read it.

▪ They really don’t have a biased/racist bone in their bodies.

▪ If they do away with all regulations on business, sweetness and light will reign forever and a day.

▪ If they create endless regulations on your life choices, all potential social harms and dangers will cease to exist.

▪ They really know what you want and need.

If you believe any or all of these statements, you either don’t understand the issues or you’re watching way too much Fox “news.”

Tim Ashmore