Letters to the Editor

Join the Sanders’ revolution

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders has grabbed the attention of many young people like me. His call for “revolution,” a word not to be taken lightly, appeals to many of the disenfranchised voices out there, particularly the millennial generation.

That’s right, a 75-year-old democratic socialist from Vermont has won the hearts and minds of many young adults across the country.

At a time when students have racked up a combined $1.2 trillion in loan debts, when Congress and its lobbyist cronies have pushed through a job-wrecking trade agreement, and when the income gap has grown larger than any time since 1928, Sanders has lent his ear and taken up the people’s concerns when no one else in politics has.

His message of hopeful populism is a refreshing contrast to the toxic demagoguery of Donald Trump, and his call to political action inspires many to care about politics for the first time.

Are all of his proposals sound? No. But his devotion to the middle class, the worker and the young is unparalleled in this race. To those living paycheck to paycheck, those in need of adequate child care or those without surety, please check him out. You may like his revolution.

Vince Taormina