Letters to the Editor

Trump just a bored billionaire

One nice thing about the 1970s was that the world seemed to be chock full of great little Jeff Bridges movies. If they didn’t make it to the theater, you could always catch them on Cinemax. One of the best of these was Rancho Deluxe, about two modern-day cattle rustlers in Montana.

There is a scene in which the wealthy cattle rancher is complaining to his wife, played by the ever-sexy Elizabeth Ashley, about how he is bored to tears and doesn’t know what to do with himself.

Her suggestion is “Why don’t you ride into Livingston, John, and buy yourself a hat.”

I am reminded of all this because of Donald Trump. You get the feeling that he is running for president, not out of any particular sense of commitment or purpose. It’s hard to imagine that he even actually wants to be president.

It’s more like he just wants to be J.R. Ewing of Dallas, another 1970s fictional character, so he can sit around the ranch house and “make deals.”

I believe Trump is basically just bored and on his way into Livingston to buy himself a hat. God only knows what happens after that.

Dan Berry

Stamping Ground