Letters to the Editor

Status quo targets Trump

The complaint of “not conservative enough” is another desperate attempt by avaricious profiteers and status-quo politicians to sidetrack Donald Trump.

Their desperation is understandable. If Trump becomes president, profiteers — foreign and domestic — will lose direct access to the U.S. Treasury and politicians will lose indirect access, meaning million-dollar speeches and the sale of monopolistic and other immoral legislation.

Measured with practical outcomes, conservatives and liberals are no different. Both parties are equally guilty of significant dereliction. They and their profiteering paymasters have pillaged America, and she now stands in rags amidst shambles.

It offends common sense to think that long-seated politicians can or will clean up their own mess that includes illegal aliens roaming our land with impunity, ongoing wars against sovereign nations that pose no threat to America, cabinet-level corruption, unresolved scandals and an epidemic of poverty that is thinning the middle class.

Furthermore, the only genuine threat to our way of life is our burgeoning $18.9 trillion debt in conjunction with a Congress and White House occupied with me-first politicians who still act and talk as if we have an $18.9 trillion surplus.

Thank goodness Trump is not conservative enough.

Shafter Bailey