Letters to the Editor

God’s will on Supreme Court

One way to achieve a smaller government is for government officers to sit idle and not do their jobs. When Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis did this, she won many plaudits from the Republicans. Now Sen. Mitch McConnell has decided to follow suit and not do his job (advise and consent). I wonder if he will be rewarded for this or recalled?

Doesn’t the right wing realize that this unexpected death (Justice Antonin Scalia) is their God’s way of re-balancing the court. Obviously, God didn’t approve of recent judgments and wanted to put a stop to it before any more bad judgments could be made.

Clearly, it’s his will that President Barack Obama make this appointment or he would have waited for 2017 to call Scalia home. Or, if God wanted more activist conservatives on the bench, he would have called Ruth Bader Ginsburg home instead.

Please, McConnell, do your job. We pay you enough.

Bob Crovo