Letters to the Editor

McConnell wrong on court

I thought U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell’s pledge in 2009 to do everything he could to make Barack Obama a one-term president in the midst of the greatest financial disaster this country has ever experienced was the most despicable pledge I had ever heard.

Turns out I was wrong.

Less than a day after Justice Antonin Scalia died, there is McConnell on the tube telling the president to not even bother nominating a replacement.

It’s the president’s constitutional duty to nominate a replacement, and the Senate’s to advise and consent to that nomination. McConnell’s threatened action to block any and all nominees is a clear violation of his oath of office to faithfully carry out the duties of his office.

I ask all citizens of Kentucky and this nation to let your voices be heard. Phone McConnell’s Louisville office (502) 582-6304 or his Washington office (202) 224-2541 and express your opinion, whatever it is.

If the Republican senators are intent on not doing their constitutional duty, they should be removed from office, either by impeachment or being voted out in their next election. Twenty-four of the 34 Senate seats up for re-election this year are held by Republicans.

Let us rally together to take back our democracy from these obstructionists.

Charles A. Bowsher