Letters to the Editor

Clinton no novice

In the 2016 election season, why are we hearing applause for the novice, the untested and the outsider? For those who see government experience as a negative, I ask: When you have a toothache, is it important that your dentist graduated from dental school and has years of experience? Or, are you fine with a plumber working on your teeth? When your power goes out, are you OK with a bank teller showing up or do you want an electrician? When on an airplane, do you expect a seasoned pilot or are you confident with a student on his first solo?

I want a candidate who has practical experience, wisdom and dedication to get things done. I want a candidate who understands foreign governments and can establish working relationships with Congress. It is dangerously unrealistic to wipe the slate clean and start over. Our country was built on the blood, sweat and tears of those before us. Let’s keep the policies that work and improve on the rest.

I plan to vote for the best-qualified candidate, not one still riding a bike with training wheels. Join me in casting an historic vote for Hillary Clinton.

Melissa Kahn