Letters to the Editor

Dr. Leach a statewide hero

I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Rice Leach when he was Kentucky commissioner of public health. I asked him to come to our county and speak, as I was a magistrate in Lawrence County, which was then partners with another county in our health department and we wanted to separate and go it on our own.

Leach spoke not only at our fiscal court meeting, but also our health board meeting. He assured us that we could make it on our own. The people of Lawrence County appreciate Leach and his commitment not only to Fayette County, but also his tireless effort throughout the state.

The Lawrence County Health Board has been awarded many grants and has been very successful since we went out on our own, thanks to our directors and staff. We thank Leach and want to tell him that he is a shining star. Congratulations to him for receiving the Public Health Hero Award.

Gary Nelson

Lawrence County Health Board member