Letters to the Editor

Ungodly, wicked men

It is a sad time in America; our nation has been deteriorating for a long time, and our leaders have rejected the laws of almighty God and brought a reproach on our nation. We have elected ungodly and wicked men who have destroyed our nation.

The American people need to elect a man of God, a man who knows who God is and has the backbone to stand for what is right, instead of the ungodly people we have in office now.

We know that we cannot vote for a Democrat because the Democratic Party is for anything that is ungodly — abortion and men lying with men. Regardless of what the Supreme Court and our ungodly lawmakers say, the Bible says it is an abomination. The Republicans are cowards who will not stand for the truth.

The Republican Party has Donald Trump running for president. I like his stand against the stupidity of the Democrats, but he needs to repent his sins and be born again, then his mouth won’t be filthy.

The American people need a man of God who will pray to the true and living God and lead our nation right with integrity. We do not need a hypocrite or liar or the stupidity that we have running our nation’s offices now.

Regardless of who is nominated, I would not vote for a Democrat because of the Democrats’ stand against the laws of almighty God.

Donald Wallen