Letters to the Editor

For the man who would be president

I want to be clear. I am an avid Bernie Sanders supporter; if for no other reason than his promise to choose a Supreme Court nominee who’s against Citizens United. However, being disgusted with Mitt Romney and the Republican establishment for disregarding the will of Republican voters (Republican suckers, according to Romney) I offer Donald Trump my advice:

When the Republican candidates attack you by pointing out your failures, please, I beg you, ask them about theirs. To paraphrase Rudyard Kipling, ask them when they:

“Made one heap of all their winnings

“And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,

“And lost, and start again at the beginning

“And never breathe a word about their loss.”

Then remind them that great people have major losses. It is only mediocre people, like them, who don’t have big losses. Take Babe Ruth for example. He had 714 home runs, but he also had 1,330 strike outs. Let us acknowledge that those who are great also have great losses.

I think your fellow Republican candidates will be embarrassed by the size of their losses compared to yours.

Sue Mize