Letters to the Editor

Candidate checkup

Bernie Sanders looks like the wise old grandfather who will go after the 1 percent to pay more taxes and work with Congress on day one, wants free college education for all students like they have in other countries. Hillary Clinton talks a good game, but can she deliver?

She didn’t do her job with Benghazi, and her husband let jobs leave the country with NAFTA. The Clintons should stop using U.S. citizens for their own egos and monetary gain.

John Kasich didn’t say much in debates because Donald Trump used up all the oxygen. Kasich has experience running a diverse state, is the most intelligent one and was the only adult in the room.

Sen. Ted Cruz looks and acts like a crook and doesn’t seem to know the issues. Christians know when one is using religion for gain.

Trump may be the toad that turns into a good president. He does have a big heart along with his big ego. I think he will make the rich pay more taxes and create more jobs. Or maybe he doesn’t want to lose his money if there is a depression.

The two parties should work together: Kasich as president and Sanders as vice president.

Alberta J. Toomey