Letters to the Editor

Clintons scapegoating Snyder

In the Democratic candidates’ political follow-up regarding the tragic water issue in Flint, Mich., they called for Gov. Rick Snyder to resign, I guess because it happened on his watch.

It would be appropriate for them to tell the public exactly what Snyder knew that should have prevented the decision to change the water source. So far, the only reason published for the change was economic, which would be viewed by most as helpful in a downward-spiraling economy.

It also occurs to me that nobody in either party would risk public health knowingly.

As to why the governor should resign, I would remind Hillary Clinton that the Benghazi episode did not apparently generate enough tragedy to result in her resignation, and she certainly had enough knowledge and blame.

Bill Clinton also called for Snyder’s resignation, which is a joke. The former president was the greatest embarrassment in our country’s history and was even impeached but wasn’t forced to resign.

Hillary Clinton is not dealing from strength here. The Clintons’ baggage is surely enough to preclude their ever returning to the White House.

The only reason they are pushing for Snyder’s resignation is that he is Republican and that the real culprits are the current and former mayors of Flint, both Democrats in a supposedly non-political office, and an ineffective Democratic city council.

John McCrary