Letters to the Editor

Chamber Choir transcends

In the last concert of the Lexington Chamber Chorale’s 25th season, I expected something traditional. Instead, during A Global Mass, on hearing loud and lusty “Aaarribaahs” from the choir, I turned to my pew mate in wonder.

The program, “Transcending Time,” carried listeners through a rich and varied night of music ranging from Palestrina to Runestad, sung in Greek, Latin, Russian, Spanish, English and Zulu.

In Whitacre’s song I thank you God for most this amazing day, the soprano soloist shone, while seven-part harmony gave texture to Biebl’s Ave Maria, written for a firefighters’ choir.

The evening took an even more exuberant turn with Gloria (Misa Criolla), featuring percussion and tenor soloists. The Chorale vocalized with abandon as they sang in Spanish. Next, they stepped into the aisles of Second Presbyterian Church to lead the audience in Honono.

Humorous pieces followed the audience participation: Sjolund’s Love Lost (Four Satirical Poems on Love — Dorothy Parker),” Ešenvalds’ Stars to the accompaniment of water glasses, and Nyon Nyon.

For this anniversary celebration, premiering Chorale member Adam Sovkoplas’ The End and the Beginning, the Chorale earned a standing ovation. I look forward to more surprises in their next program.

Gaby Bedetti