Letters to the Editor

No way to run a state

Gov. Matt Bevin’s veto fiasco is sad and an embarrassment to Kentucky.

You would think that a man who ran for governor would have taken time to learn a little bit about the job, what he can and cannot do as governor and how the state government works, including the legislative process.

The governor should learn to use his staff to check what he can do before he oversteps his power. Here is a hint for Bevin: Your staff is much more than people who answer the phone, mail letters and schedule appointments. They also can do research and make sure that your rear is covered when you are attempting to do something.

But Bevin issued his vetoes to the wrong office and now has two lawsuits brought against him by Attorney General Andy Beshear and House Speaker Greg Stumbo. You really cannot see stuff this good on reality television.

I certainly feel for Beshear and Stumbo. They have a busy four years of baby-sitting ahead of them.

This has nothing to do with who won or lost the election or whether they are Democrats or Republicans. It has to do with true leadership or lack of. Has anyone thought about putting Bevin in a playpen before he gets himself into more trouble?

Fred Kidd