Letters to the Editor

Bevin doing what’s right

Since 2008, every entity in our society — churches, corporations, local governments, small businesses and certainly families — has cut back on expenses and spending. Finally, we have a governor who can count and who works aggressively to address the huge pension problem facing millions of Kentuckians.

The Kentucky Teachers Retirement System and the Kentucky Retirement System for state workers and retirees are broken and must be fixed. Every Kentuckian should be clapping approval for the governor’s efforts to save their retirement programs. One party wants to play politics and keep spending money we don’t have, while serious financial dangers threaten our retirees. On the other hand, the governor tries to implement repairs to a system that needs major overhaul and improvement. If you’re among those affected retirees and are worried about your future, you should ask your legislators to help the governor protect your financial well-being.

My mother used to say, “You can't go wrong doing right,” and this governor is trying to do right.

Robert Adams