Letters to the Editor

Check facts on GOP’s history

I am tired of Republicans rewriting history. Another example of the lack of honesty and knowledge of history of the right wing is apparent in a May 19 letter. Here are the facts — you know, the things you can actually look up — in the history of the Republican Party.

If you look at our political history in terms of political philosophy and not party label, you will see that it was conservatives who tried to block the various civil rights bills passed in the 1960s. Many of these conservatives were Southern Democrats who converted to the Republican Party through Richard Nixon’s Southern Strategy. Today’s Republican Party is not the one of the 1960s. Those Republicans would be labeled as liberals by the current GOP.

Another fact is that Ronald Reagan could not have been nominated today. He, after all, was willing to listen to and negotiate with the opposing party.

The bottom line is that conservatives — be they Republican or Democrat — have fought every single attempt to improve the lives of the people in our society with the least power: the poor or minorities.

David Wachtel