Letters to the Editor

Rater for walk-ons needed

University of Kentucky coach John Calipari’s recent announcement that walk-ons would enter the NBA draft has exposed a void in the basketball recruiting process: the need for a rating service for walk-ons.

Imagine the pride in having the No. 1 walk-on class in addition to the No. 1 recruiting class. Imagine the confidence in knowing that a 30-point lead is safe when the walk-ons enter the game with 23 seconds left on the clock.

Potential walk-ons could be assigned asterisks based on their qualifications in certain skill sets. These would include, but not be limited to, the willingness to surrender any competitive spirit for the opportunity to ride the bench for four years, grade-point-average potential and an affinity for sideline choreography.

I lack the requisite skills to fill this void so I am throwing this idea out there, with no strings attached, to anyone willing to tackle this daunting task.

Mike Downs