Letters to the Editor

Seniors paying for others

In a country that holds great disdain for anything that bears the ugly appearance of inequality, Medicare and insurance companies gladly classify seniors based on age. It is the worst form of discrimination having your insurance provider force gravely ill seniors to write letters of appeal for much-needed medications, only to crush their last hopes with unthinkable co-pays and drive them into destitution.

There are many unemployed people drawing many of the current forms of welfare or tax credits. Many wards of the state are even encouraged to vote for more subsidies and won’t be denied what a senior must beg for. Maybe the aforementioned realize that a lifetime of work and taxes to support a selfish nation may not be worthy of honest efforts. Our seniors didn’t think so.

People will protest for minimum wage increases, more welfare, more food stamps. Get ready for 62 or older; you will never see a living wage from Social Security, but there will be deductions for Medicare and supplemental insurance and you will probably need gap and prescription coverage. If seniors have worked all their lives and paid taxes, why deny them what they deserve: equality? The government takes their tax money and gives it to those who have never paid or earned a penny of it.

Lisa Johnson