Letters to the Editor

Simple solution on bathroom controversy

On the sensitive issue of public bathroom usage for transsexuals, here is the simple and correct solution.

All girls and women under 30, all mothers with young daughters 10 and under, and most women middle-aged and older would be very uncomfortable in a public bathroom with a transsexual of either conversion — woman now a man or man now a woman. This is not an arguable point. Ask any girl or woman.

However, very few boys under 10 with their fathers, teens or men of any age would be uncomfortable in a public bathroom with a transsexual person of either conversion. In fact, the only one who might be uncomfortable in this scenario is the transsexual.

So, let’s do the math. What solution satisfies the vast majority of Americans on this issue? Transsexuals of either conversion may use the men’s bathrooms but not the women’s. That takes care of virtually every represented comfort zone except some of the transsexuals, chiefly the ones who are now women. The transsexuals who are now men should be fine with this plan. And if there needs to be an additional change, we can provide a one-person bathroom just for unhappy transsexuals of either conversion, because it’s highly unlikely that more than one would show up at a time. Problem solved.

John Hamilton