Letters to the Editor

Army ready to fight

I am sure that military leaders in many countries were pleased to see Army Chief of Staff Mark Milley’s recent comment: “Today, a major in the Army knows nothing but fighting terrorists and guerrillas, because he came into the Army after 9/11.” Milley went on to suggest that our Army is not ready to fight a large land war. What rubbish.

If Milley would come out of his ivory tower in the Pentagon occasionally, he would find that our training programs prepare our men and women in the Army to fight an adversary in whatever combat environment is presented. Combat in Vietnam was much different than in Korea, and the current conflicts are even more different, but our Army has proven the ability to adapt to the tactics of our enemy.

If Milley truly believes we are not ready to fight a conventional war, he should be doing something about it other than bemoaning that we have lost what he calls “muscle memory.”

If the Pentagon provides sufficient troops and state-of-the-art equipment, our Army’s majors will lead us to victory in any armed conflict; it is generals like Milley whom I worry about.

Retired Army Col. Jimmy D. Helton