Letters to the Editor

It’s a conundrum

Most people desire food, water, security and, after the fifth grade, money. We have people working in the cotton fields, potato chip factories, making toasters, etc. for bosses.

There is an inevitable and continuous struggle for the money to take home. So if there is a law that requires bosses to pay 40-hour-a-week workers a minimum wage and provide a basic health plan, the boss can save money by hiring workers for 35 hours a week, with no minimum wage or health plan. And if the workers get restless, the boss can give them a 10-pound turkey instead of a 12-pounder at Christmas.

The capitalist system tends to make bosses into bullies. Political parties favors workers (Democrats) or bosses (Republicans). So if there are more workers than bosses and all of them vote, why would any Republicans get elected to office?

Donald Trump did not get rich because he invented the safety pin (or Matt Bevin the suspenders) but because they were bosses, and thus, by logic, Republicans.

James A. Nolan