Letters to the Editor

City shirks history museum

Mayor Jim Gray and city government committed fraud when the Lexington History Museum was closed “because lead paint contamination made it unsafe.”

As a lead museum volunteer, charter donor, board member and former president/CEO, I can attest that from the day the museum opened in 2003, signs were prominently displayed in the dome warning of lead and asbestos contamination. Yet the city did nothing to lock the door to the dome and freely allowed public access to that area for almost a full decade.

Under the terms of the agreement between Lexington and the state following the illegal destruction of the Snyder Furniture block under then-Mayor Scotty Baesler, city government was obligated to renovate the Lyric Theatre (done) and the Downtown Arts Center (done), and to expend “a minimum one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) toward the conversion of a portion of the current Fayette County Courthouse into the Lexington History Museum” (not done).

Herald-Leader columnist Tom Eblen has never shared this fact with his readers, many of whom ask me repeatedly, “When is the history museum going to reopen?”

So, the unanswered question from the article is, in what space of this “brilliant solution” will the city devote its obligated “portion” to the museum?

James Kemper Millard