Letters to the Editor

Solving bathroom dilemma

A friend and I have come up with a great solution to the transgender bathroom issue.

Since it appears many people want the government involved in this dilemma, the first step would be to develop a new government agency: the Department of Bathroom Correctness. It would need offices in every state and large city, which means employing a high number of people. Second, we would need to use microchip technology. Every person would be required to have a microchip implant that would identify birth gender. This is easily done on a newborn. Anyone who didn’t have the chip implanted at birth would have to present his/her birth certificate to the local Department of Bathroom Correctness to have a chip implanted.

Third, every public restroom’s stalls would have doors with microchip readers. When a person approaches the stall, the microchip reader would determine whether that person is using the correct bathroom. If not, the stall door would not open. If the person had not received his/her chip, access would be denied. Of course, a bathroom patrol person would be needed to ensure compliance and enforcement.

Because this solution would be costly, it could be paid for with a small tax on toilet paper.

Linda D. Hall