Letters to the Editor

Rosemond’s worst advice

To advise Kentuckians to avoid trained professionals — psychologists, licensed clinical social workers and others — and to seek advice from “a friend, family member or clergyman” rather than people who have been educated and trained to deal with psychological/social problems is the equivalent of telling Kentuckians to avoid medical professionals and just read ads for miracle cures in your favorite magazine.

As a public defender, I represented many disturbed youth. In the vast majority of the cases, the parents and their friends, in a very dysfunctional environment, were the problem, not the solution.

How does columnist John Rosemond arrive at the advice he so freely dishes out, when he not only has not tested the child, he has never met the child or the parents, reviewed the school records, looked at the economic picture or reviewed any relevant medical records?

It’s simple. Every case is simply squeezed into the mold: It’s all about the liberal parenting for the last 50 years. Based on Rosemond’s choice of which letters to publish, each and every one of which fits nicely into his agenda, he makes the leap to condemn the entire profession of psychology, its methods and results.

Yes, he won his federal court case on First Amendment grounds, but keep in mind that your right to burn the American flag is also based on the First Amendment.

Sally Wasielewski