Letters to the Editor

So, now I’m a bigot?

I get angry seeing how middle-class people are burdened and their small businesses sometimes broken by mandates on wages for unskilled workers, while vote-hungry politicians support fast-growing dependency. I must be a bigot.

I worry when minors flood our country from places where diseases have not been inoculated out of existence only to attend schools alongside our kids. I must be a bigot.

I fume when I see the government pushing Section 8 housing in upscale neighborhoods, obliterating the value of people’s largest single lifetime investment. I must be a bigot.

I resent seeing women and little girls being threatened with traumatic experiences in bathrooms for some LGBT objective. I must be a bigot.

I think it’s idiotic to grant asylum to Muslims from countries with cultures antithetical to ours when we know they include some individuals extremely dangerous to Christians, Jews, gays and women and are hostile to America’s laws and freedoms. I must be a bigot.

I loathe President Barack Obama for his undermining of America’s economic health, destruction of our medical insurance system, weakening of our military and relations with other countries, obvious disdain for Caucasians and Christians, attempts at shredding our Constitution and utter dishonesty about his globalist objectives.

Odd, I wasn’t a bigot before.

Georgann Chenault