Letters to the Editor

Resist fear-mongering

What is the rhetoric of fear that the Donald Trump masses buy into?

Projection. He cunningly casts doubt, slurs and blame onto his opponents in an effort to deflect any constructive criticism aimed at him.

How do we resist the insidious appeal that Trump has in his “make America great again” spiel? We do what Americans have always done: Convert the negative energy wasted building walls of hatred and resentment into the positive energy that allows for healthy introspection and the willingness to start with oneself to effectively help others achieve greatness.

America should not be a country of fear-mongers.

Why would we even remotely adhere to the words of someone who has embarrassed not only himself in his rhetorical diatribes, but also the constituents of the Republican Party?

Trump’s greatest, most self-aggrandizing, yet morally consuming flaw is his fear. Fear of failure, of being perceived as incapable of answering viable questions in a specific and adroit manner, fear of those who make it a practice to listen to candidates vying for the most powerful, most responsible job in the free world.

Trump is one big ball of fear, growing in his potential for social effrontery and, worse, devising the undermining of what makes America great.

Hallie Karen Brinkerhoff