Letters to the Editor

Party-switch date too early

A May 21 letter, “Independents left in the dark,” said that Bernie Sanders and the Democratic Party failed to inform Kentucky voters that they had until April 18 to register as Democrats. That was the deadline to register, but not the deadline to change party affiliation on an existing registration.

Earlier this year, after I knew I wanted to vote for Sanders, I called to inquire about where to go to change my affiliation from independent to Democrat so I could vote in the primary. I was told the deadline for that was Dec. 31. I asked how I would have known that and was sheepishly told, “It’s on our website.” I was devastated.

I see no rhyme or reason for the deadline to be that far ahead of the primary. The writer was correct that independents were shut out. My bet is that if the change deadline had been even a month before the primary, there would not have been a 2,000-plus vote difference, and Sanders may have even won.

Everyone needs to do their duty and vote on Election Day. It’ll be easy; just pick the candidate who nauseates you the least. Maybe polling stations should plan to hand out barf bags.

Andrea Reed