Letters to the Editor

Eblen wrong about Trump

Columnist Tom Eblen is wrong. Recent mindless tirades regarding Donald Trump and Republicans indicate Eblen is confused by the term “hostile takeover” and who is involved. He not only insults Kentucky voters but also voters across America.

Trump won the nomination by popular vote, majority of states and delegates. This is not a hostile takeover. Recent victories in Indiana, West Virginia and Nebraska are notable.

This is a takeover, a take-back of our country, by American patriots tired of a corrupt, racist, dysfunctional government led by the Obama administration, liberal Democrats and the cowardly Republican establishment. These have turned our country into a Third World cesspool.

The word “hostile” applies to Black Lives Matter racist thugs committing acts of violence and destruction against innocent people, the LGBT group, illegal aliens, radical Muslims and refugees. These groups add to our debt and cost taxpayers billions of dollars.

Eblen, in his biased, liberal rants, fails to mention scandals, incompetence, corruption and compulsive lying involving Hillary Clinton. Her only qualification is her responsibility and coverup in the murder of four Americans in Benghazi.

Joel Pett, with his juvenile, naive Trump-bashing cartoons, ignores how outraged voters are.

Time for a change to begin the long road to recovery.

Daniel Gibson