Letters to the Editor

Send the calls to the governor

A May 18 Herald-Leader headline said that “KCTCS cuts 500 faculty, staff positions,” but actually, due to retirements and vacant positions, only 45 faculty and 125 staff were cut.

The Kentucky Community and Technical College System is fully aware that these cuts will eventually affect the system even though officials will be mum on the subject.

And when people ask questions about loss of services, direct their calls to the governor, and he can explain it better than the people at the local level.

When I worked for state government, I politely told people who gave me hell to ask the governor since I was not good at explaining the cuts. Eventually, I was asked not to do that, and I obeyed. Instead, I forwarded those complaints to my supervisor since he was getting paid the big bucks. There wasn’t a thing he could do about that.

Ira Fink