Letters to the Editor

GOP policies have failed

Time has shown that most of the old Republican ideas have produced profound failures. Tax cuts/no new taxes: $19 trillion national debt with ruinous annual interest payments. Attack President Bill Clinton instead of Osama bin Laden: 9/11. Aggressive war policy: Iraq. Supply-side economics: the Great Recession. Trickle-down economics: shrinking middle class.

Republican policy successes are enriching the wealthy with massive tax cuts and mugging the middle class to increase the pool of wage slaves.

If Donald Trump is supposed to be the new idea man, he has been mostly mute. The few shreds that have slipped out have not been promising: endorsing tax shirking, attacking key allies, endorsing torture, isolationism and paralysis.

Only one thing can right the floundering ship of state: an ISIS tithe, a dedicated tax increase of 10 percent of the gross income of the 10 percent of wealthiest taxpayers to reduce the national debt to $2 trillion.

Without a reduction in the national debt, we will lack the means to finance the next large war – ending our costly empire.

Allen T. Kelley