Letters to the Editor

Politics hurting Horse Park

All the data and information that we have access to seem to reveal that the Kentucky Horse Park has never been better managed since its inception, and the goal to get it into the black was within close reach under the management of ousted executive director Jamie Link and his team.

Most American voters are really getting sick and tired of all the poor partisan politics from both parties and sides of the aisle. To really be successful, our Horse Park management and commission should consist of the best and brightest from the business world and horse industry (regardless of political party).

I have known Link and his family since the early 1980s, when we attended the University of Kentucky and even roomed together. While we may not agree on all our political views, I can certainly attest to his character, integrity and work ethic, and it sure seems like more has been accomplished under his tenure than ever before.

Let’s do what’s in the best interest of everyone and leave partisan politics out of it.

Randal J. Master