Letters to the Editor

Clinton story downplayed

The biggest story of the entire campaign so far broke about Hillary Clinton’s email server being ruled illegitimate by the State Department’s inspector general, and where does the story appear? Not on the front page of this paper, as it did in papers across the country.

Kentucky has soundly defeated liberal policies and candidates in many past elections, even with much of the media changing or purposefully covering up stories to benefit Democrats. Keep that in mind as you make your decision on who to vote for this November in the House races.

Last year, with Gov. Steve Beshear’s blessing, House Speaker Greg Stumbo wanted to add $3.5 billion in new debt to working Kentuckians to cover for the Democratic-controlled House’s continued inability to fix the pension problem. They’re more concerned with preserving their own money and power than ensuring that promises to state workers and teachers are kept.

This year, Republicans have not only put the state pensions back on sound footing, but they also did so without placing more burden on our kids or raising taxes.

That’s the kind of leadership Kentucky needs in Frankfort.

Bill Marshall