Letters to the Editor

Bathroom essay nonsensical

James Hood’s eloquently written May 20 commentary amounts to the sentiment that unisex bathrooms will lead to orgies and rape.

His statement that hedonistic societies lead to authoritarian states isn’t only preposterous, it also has nothing to do with unisex bathrooms. What does removing an icon on a bathroom door have to do with ancient Rome except to say, without a sense of irony, that gender equality led to the end of the Roman Empire?

He then says that sexual tension moves “men and women beyond self-centeredness” to generate “caring.” So, he is saying that men and women work well together only when there is the possibility of sexual intercourse. I’m pretty sure this Mad Men mentality is the reason for the term “rape culture.”

Not only is Hood’s commentary nonsensical, it’s also dangerous. He says that “male/female relationships” are the “building blocks of society as a fortress against arbitrary power.” In other words, your gender rightfully determines your status in society. And unfortunately, thanks to chauvinistic rabble-rousers like Hood, he’s right.

Bronson O’Quinn